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Happy 4th of July to everybody who celebrates it. Having a holiday mid-week is kinda weird. It's not like, if you were so inclined, you could really go out and cut loose tonight since you have to go back to work tomorrow. Well... I suppose many do, but if *I* really wanted to go tie one on, it wouldn't be on a Wednesday night. I'll be heading over to [ profile] pixie117's here shortly to spend a nice, quiet day with her... shocking, I know. We may grill up some stuff but the grills at her place are all likely to be occupied since it's the 4th and all so we may just opt to head over to our favorite Chinese food place... because nothing says "4th of July" like Chinese food! Am I right?

Ugh. Woke up at 3 this morning feeling like rancid ass. Seriously. It felt like I'd ingested some dairy... which as we all know, doesn't go over well with me. But serious stomach issues and lots of "not keeping things down" was taking place. I was up and down for the rest of the night/morning... I did manage to crash out for a bit longer so that's good, I suppose. Have no idea what it was. I had zero dairy, so I know that's not it. But something evil was inside of me and just needed to come out I suppose. I'm feeling a bit better but I'm still not quite 100%. It's been a slow and sluggish morning, to say the least.

Between the up and down, I had to deal with Antocalypse this morning as well. 'tis the season for the ants to make an appearance, I guess. There were about a billion of them swarming on SoCo's food dish. Which is just awesome. So I had to gather everything up, throw it in the sink, wash down those billion ants, clean everything thoroughly, spray down the ant-infestation and then clean that up so SoCo doesn't accidentally ingest it. There is still the lingering scent of Raid in my room but so far, the ants seem to be beaten back. Though I worry that SoCo is going to be affected by the spray and/or I missed some little patch of it that he's going to ingest. Since I'm leaving here in a few, I'm sort of stressed and worried about my kitty. Not that we haven't been through this drill before but still... massive chemical warfare in areas my cat inhabits is never a good thing.

So needless to say, this has not been a fun or good morning. Ugh. F'ing ants. I hate their creepy little asses.

Anyway... I need to pull it together and head down to [ profile] pixie117's place. So I shall leave you with today's Poll of Random Pointlessness...

Whatever you do, have a GREAT and SAFE 4th of July, folks... and if you don't celebrate the 4th, have a fantastic Wednesday!!!

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I love my Saturday mornings. Though honestly, I wish they didn't typically start so early. Hello, 5 am how are you? But it's nice to not have to race around, getting ready to haul my carcass down to the office... it's nice to just get to chill out with some coffee and the feline companion purring contentedly in my lap. I typically try to get caught up on LJ, knock out a little writing, read some news and generally just relax a bit.

And of course, there is music. There is always music. What that music might be depends on my mood, I suppose. But, I figured I'd share today's Saturday playlist with you guys.

It's been a Pink Floyd morning for me. Don't know why exactly. But for whatever reason, the music was just calling out to me this morning.

Especially this one... though I can sort of figure out why this one was resonating with me:

Here's another Floyd classic:

And another:

Simply put, one of the greatest songs ever written:

Just one more and I'll spare you. This is from Roger Waters' solo tour... I love all things Floyd but I am totally partial to the Waters era of the band.

So what's on YOUR Saturday morning playlist, folks? Bonus points for video links!
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Well Happy Hump Day, Good People...

And welcome to the middle of the week. How has your week treated you so far?

The day was actually surprisingly mellow(ish) around Ye Olde Salt Mine today so I got caught up a bit on my ol' El Jay... though I'm still behind on replying to comments big time. I'm sorry, guys! I have yet to find the balance between work (where I can't screw off most of the day anymore), working on my stuff at home and then trying to keep up with various projects. I do eventually get around to responding but it takes me a little bit. I have a feeling when I clear POD I off my plate, things will ease up a little bit and I'll be better able to find a balance between work and play! Here's hoping anyway.

Heading over to [ profile] pixie117's tonight so we can clean. Very exciting, romantic evening, eh? Her new roomie is moving in this weekend and her old roomie just moved out... and didn't clean a motherf***ing thing. And let me tell you, that girl is a freaking PIG. Seriously. Her carpets are completely black... I'm sure some of it is hair from her cat but I bet a lot of it isn't. Needless to say, the girl left behind a lot of things to be cleaned before the room is fit for human habitation again. Sheeesh. What a rude, rude, rude little twit. I mean, who doesn't freaking clean up after themselves??? Who doesn't clean when they're moving out??? Stupid, arrogant, rude little girls with a sense of entitlement, I suppose. Ugh.

But hey, at least I'll get to spend some time with [ profile] pixie117 tonight. That will make it all worth it. I'm sure we'll take Annabelle over to the dog park for a bit, have some dinner and watch Survivor together because we're dorks like that.

And then tomorrow... I'm going to finish off POD I if it kills me. I'm seriously *this* freaking close to finishing it and I'm dying to put a friggin' stake in this sucker. So yeah... a few more hours tomorrow night and my plate shall be clear. As far as POD I goes, anyway.

Well... it's quittin' time!!! I love getting out of work so early in the afternoon! But before I go, allow me to leave you with your Hump Day Poll of Random Pointlessness...

Hope you all are having a fantastic day!!!

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