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Reposting for a friend who is in a bit of a spot and is looking to pick up some extra editing work. So if you guys need a little freelance editing work done, please consider using [ profile] cfchica... you'd be helping her and her wonderful kitty cat as well as utilizing her very awesome editing expertise... she'll make anything you write better! It's her superpower. So give her a ding!

Originally posted by [ profile] pixie117 at Boosting the signal - Will Edit for Food
This is a friend of mine who loves her fur baby Albert like I love my Annabelle. I couldn't sit by and let her starve without sharing this. Albert is her cat and I believe he had a stroke recently. She's running him back and forth to the vet, sleeping on the floor... Everything that I'm also doing for my puppy. She loves her baby. As an animal lover, I had to spread the word. Even if you can't done today, consider spreading the word? She's an editor and willing to provide her services for donations. That's a pretty sweet deal if you'd ask me.

1) You help a lovely person and her kitty

2) You can utilize her editing expertise

Originally posted by [ profile] cfchica at Will Edit for Food
This month has been brutal. Albert's expenses from the past two weeks plus a couple of missed days of work(boss out of office) so things really suck right now. Big time. A crunching of the numbers shows that I'm not gonna make ends meet. My folks are equally tapped out.

So, I am willing to edit anyone's written piece in exchange for a donation. It's about the only skill I have to offer since I'm not very creative otherwise. I will line-edit and proof any essay, short story, term paper, web content, you name it. Trying hard to stay afloat. It sucks to have to ask for help.

To add insult to an already-injured wallet, one of my job locations will be closed for two days next week, and my other boss will be taking some vacation days next month with his family; since he won't be in the office, I will not need to come in. He expects to be gone for about 3-4 workdays.

I will be having a yard sale alongside a neighbor this Saturday, but there are no guarantees my stuff will sell; people around here are used to designer sample sales and estate shit. Life by the sea! EBay is out of the question for now. I have textbooks listed for sale on Amazon, but no takers so far.

I contacted some agencies here in Orange County that offer rental assistance. Unfortunately, they will only help if the tenant has a Notice of Eviction in hand. I do not want it to get that far; once a person gets that far they are also on the hook for court costs and filing fees.  Other agencies will only help families. Albert and I do not meet their definition of "family." My food stamp application is making its way through the maze that is Social Services here in OC.

Sooo...if you have anything that needs a once-over or some editing/proofing, shoot it in my direction in Word format. There is a Paypal button on my profile, and you can send your piece to be edited to editsbyelaine at yahoo dot com.

Thank you and (insert name of deity of choice here) bless.
Elaine & Albert

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