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Oh yes... it's just about time. Time for what, you might ask? Time for the puck to drop in what is going to be an all-out battle for one of the most iconic and coveted championship trophies in all of sports... Lord Stanley's Cup.

I have waited MOST of my life for this. As a looooooooooooong suffering but devoted fan of the Los Angeles Kings, I remember their last Cup appearance back in 1993... I was a dumb kid and remember the bitter taste of heartbreak as I watched them go down in flames to Patrick Roy and the hated Montreal Canadiens. The beginning of the end came with the curved blade of Marty McSorely's stick... ugh.

But *this* team... it has me salivating. This team is different. This team is a better team than the '93 squad that boasted Wayne Freaking Gretzky... who woulda thunk that? This team is scrappy and never quits. Their motors are going from the moment the puck drops to the last horn. This is a team I truly think will finally bring Lord Stanley's Cup home to LA. And I can't freaking wait.

Except... I have to wait for another 40 minutes or so. So in the meantime, here's a little Cup-themed poll to amuse yourselves with and get yourselves worked up into a Stanley Cup lather... Can I get a GO KINGS GO, from y'all??? Here, let me start... GO KINGS GO!!!!

[Poll #1843745]

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