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Y'all... I know most of you are like meh when it comes to sports but because I truly do live and die with my teams, this is a HUGE night for me and I'm still so amped up.

The Los Angeles Kings are the 2012 Stanley Cup Champions... it's something I've waited practically my whole life to see happen. So to see my boys skating around Staples Center with Lord Stanley's Cup held aloft... words just don't describe it for me.

45 years of futility, done. Over. Finished.

The road they took to get there was brutal... barely making the playoffs and entering as the lowest seeded team. But they caught absolute fire and conquered everybody put before them in style... they rolled over the top-seeded Vancouver Canucks 4-1, the second-seeded St. Louis Blues 4-0 and the third-seeded Phoenix Coyotes 4-1. And that was to just get to the Stanley Cup Finals... where they finally defeated the New Jersey Devils 4-2.

They are the only team to ever beat the 1st, 2nd *and* 3rd seed in playoff history. They won and NHL-record 10 straight road games and compiled an overall record of 16-4 in these playoffs.

It was a run for the ages and one that you might say has left me a little gobsmacked.

The Los Angeles Kings, the 2012 Stanley Cup Champions... Part of me still can't believe it but damn, do I love saying that.

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