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Good Morning and Good Saturday Fellow Humans!

How is everybody today? How has your week been, my friends?

I've spent my morning piddling away... tinkering with a current piece, giving my kitter-cat a little love and trying to mentally work through POD II. I also have two of the six pieces for Idol this week nearing completion and I'm more or less happy with them, so that's good. Two down, four to go. *ugh*

I also spent a little time earlier watching videos of tornadoes on YouTube. I'm absolutely fascinated by the sheer power of Mother Nature. Tornadoes just totally and completely fascinate me. Volcanoes are a close second in terms of sheer fascination but for me, tornadoes top the list of things I MUST SEE! Sort of a weird fascination, I know. But hey, something about them just really gets me going. I am bound and determined to go tornado chasing before I'm too old and decrepit to fully appreciate the raw power. A while back, I found this company who will take you on a two-week tour that ranges from the Mexican to the Canadian borders and from the Rockies to the Indiana... so it's a HUGE chase area. But the cost is about $3,000 bucks. So yeah... maybe if I hit it big writing, I'll actually be able to take that tour. Otherwise, I may need to sell a kidney or something. I will make it out there one day, dammit. Just the thrill of seeing these monsters up close and personal would be a rush like I couldn't even imagine. I want and need to do this or I shall not die happy.

Like I said, it's an odd fascination but what are you gonna do?

Here's a little video I ran across for your viewing pleasure. Or dismay.

See? Fascinating and exciting stuff!

Thanks to everybody who chimed in on my update post last night. I'm still feeling a bit stressed and overwhelmed but a lot of the things you said on the post and in private emails means a lot to me. I really appreciate the support and encouragement, you guys. Seriously. I can't tell you how much it means to me. So thanks, guys. I'll keep churning along and we'll see what we see when the dust settles!

I need to get myself together so I can head down to [ profile] pixie117's a bit earlier than normal... we need some time to hang out and relax before we slog through everything that needs to be slogged through today.

So... how was YOUR week, my friends? How has the Universe treated you? Has it given you warm fuzzies? Planted its boot in your ass? What have been the highlights and the lowlights of your week, good people?

Need to get up and shout? Need to get something off your chest? Need to rant, vent and otherwise scream out loud about something? Got a rant you're just dying to unleash? Want to give somebody some hugs and love? Need to hear some kind words today? Anything and everything is welcome here. Just step right up and let it fly!

This here is your stage, my friends. Step on up to the podium, grab the mic and let us know what's going on with you.

As always, the Purge Bucket is open for your convenience... spew forth, my friends!
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