Jun. 9th, 2012

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First and foremost... Let me throw a quick shout-out on behalf of [livejournal.com profile] michikatinski... she's working on her first book and has been running a Kickstarter campaign to help her get this rolling. [livejournal.com profile] michikatinski is a fantastic writer and an all-around wonderful person and I'm so excited to see her getting her project off the ground.

So... if you would like to back her Kickstarter project, GO HERE... read about the project itself, get to know [livejournal.com profile] michikatinski and help her make her dreams a reality! The one thing is that because I didn't... ahem... check my junk, there's only like SIX hours to go until her Kickstarter deadline. So go forth prontoish!

So... Saturday morning. A nice, cool Saturday morning thankfully. There's a thick marine layer and the temps are mellow. Coffee, music, feline, screwing off online... the usual routine.

I really enjoyed seeing what was on everybody else's Saturday playlist so let's do that again... I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

Here are a few that I'm listening to this morning. It's sort of a mixed bag actually... Lots of thoughts in my head, lots of different music that go along with those thoughts, I suppose...

Those are a few on my playlist this morning! How about you guys? What's on your Saturday morning playlist? Bonus points for links/embeds!!! :-)
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Well we've made it through another week on this rock we like to call home. At least, I hope we all did anyway. Quick headcount... raise your hand if you're still here. Okay, good.

This week was sorta... meh, to be honest. Lots of stuff swirling around like garbage in the streets of my brain. It's all just sort of left me feeling... well... meh. And I don't like feeling meh and it's tough to shake sometimes. But I give it the finger and trudge onward. The good thing is that in an effort to shut out the meh, I've been able to focus on my writing, which is good, and POD2.5 is in full swing. Also good. After a couple of false starts and wrong streets, I'm headed down the right path, I think. I like how it's shaping up and where it's headed. The trick will be to keep up the momentum. Always keep up the momentum.

Speaking of momentum... tonight is Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals. My Kings reeled off wins in the first 3 games to go up 3-0 but the Devils battled back in Game 4 and won it. Dammit. I had *hoped* for the sweep. But I know that hockey is a tough sport and the Devils are arguably the best team they've faced to this point. Reeling off the first three was improbably enough. To beat that team four in a row was a pretty tall order. It's a damn good team and you could tell from the opening face-off that my boys were tight and more focused on not making a mistake rather than playing their game. And it's such a game of inches... a half an inch this way or that... they hit the posts twice and the crossbar once... and that game and the series would have been over. But the hockey gods didn't cooperate so now the series goes back to Jersey for Game 5... the Kings are a perfect 10-0 on the road this postseason so I'm really hoping they work that magic, that they come out flying, hitting and lighting up Martin Brodeur and the Devils like a Christmas tree. The Devils will be playing desperate hockey because they're in a one and done situation. The Kings need to match that intensity and desperation. They're still up 3-1 and they really need to finish it. Tonight. You don't want the Devils in a Game 6. They need to stomp the life out of them and hoist that damn Cup tonight. GO KINGS GO!!!

/sports-related talk. You all still with me? Oh good.

So I'll be heading over to [livejournal.com profile] pixie117's here shortly. Trying to decide what I'm going to make her for dinner tonight. She's not feeling too swift and of course Annabelle is still on the mend so I get to take care of both of them tonight. She shouldn't worry about anything but resting and relaxing so I'll try to make sure that happens.

So I better start putting myself together to head on out.

How was the week for you, my fine, feathered friends? How has the Universe, in all its wisdom treated you? Has it been kind, gentle and forgiving? Or has it callously strapped you to the roof of the car and drive off a la Mitt Romney's dog? What have been the highlights, the lowlights and the in-between lights of your week, good people? What's made the director's cut and what ended up on the editing room floor? What is the haps with you, my peeps?

As usual, this is your place... need to get something off your chest? Got a funny joke or story to share? Something amazing happen to you this week that you need to share? Something sucktastic happen that you can't stop thinking about? Anything and everything is welcome and encouraged here. This is your sandbox to play in so get to it! The floor and the spotlight are yours.

As always, the Purge Bucket is open for your convenience... Spew forth, my friends!
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The puck is about to drop and I can't tell you how geeked up I am for this one. This could be the night Lord Stanley's Cup comes to Los Angeles for the first time in franchise history.

Finish them. Now is the time.

GO KINGS, GO!!!!!!

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