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Good Morning Kiddies!

I've got my coffee, a cozy kitty in my lap and some tunes playing. So it's time for our weekly musical show and tell again!

Here's a little of what has my toes tappin' this fine morning...

As usual, I'm pretty all over the place with what I'm listening to this morning. Some recent discoveries, some from childhood... that's the thing I love about music though. It can still be good YEARS later.

So how about you, my friends? What's on your playlist this morning?
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Good Morning, Kids!

It's Saturday morning so that means it's "What Are You Listening To?" time again! Because I'm nosy like that.

Seriously though, since I started doing these things, I've been exposed to a ton of really great music that I'd never heard of before. [ profile] pixie117 is always exposing me to new music so that of course, made me curious about what the rest of y'all were listening to as well!

So on that note, it's share time! Here is some of what I'm listening to this morning. As always, bonus points for clips!

So how about you, folks? What's on your playlist today?
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Good Morning, Kids!

First a little promotion... [ profile] zeitgeistic is holding a friending frenzy so if you're looking to add some new folks to spice up your life a bit, head on over here...


There's lots of fun, fascinating folks running around over there! So go... be social, make friends, have fun!

Now it's music time! Here's a little sampling of what's on my playlist this morning. I suppose it's sort of a really odd, strange, diverse morning, musically speaking...

Yeah, I like a lot of different music.

So how about you all out there? What's on your Saturday Morning Playlist? For my new friends, I always enjoy throwing up clips of what I've been listening to and totally love seeing what's gettin' your toes tappin' in the morning. I love music and I have a diverse group of friends with different musical tastes so it's always fun to see what you're listening to!

So let's have it! As always, bonus points for clips!
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Good Morning, Folks!

I do love my Saturday mornings... it's *my* time. Well... it's actually my time to cater to the wishes and whims of my feline companion. He started at about five this morning by knocking down my spare change jar, pulling over my computer speakers and because I fell asleep with the computer on last night, stood on the keyboard until the computer made this horrible beeping sound. Half-asleep, I'd chase him off the keyboard but he'd pop right back up on it when I tried to get back to sleep. I swear to Buddha, this cat is smart. Too smart for *my* own good, that's for sure.

Now he's had his breakfast, is fat and happy and is just curled up in my lap as I sip my coffee and tinker with a writing piece and play around online a bit. Gotta love cats, huh?

So... since music always fuels my Saturday, here's some of what's been on my playlist this morning...

So what's on your playlist this morning, folks?
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Good Morning All!

Been a busy morning already. What with coffee to be made and consumed, feline companions to be amused and scritched and about a billion Idol entries to write. I did finish one of the six (so far) pieces last night/this morning. It went on for probably way too long so I was trying to hack and slash what I could but it's still pretty long. Ugh. But it is what it is. I more or less like it. We'll see how it turns out though. So one down, eleventy billion to go. At least I have some ideas for most of the others. Now it's just a matter of trying to knock them out. Keep those digits crossed!

So... before I get to my Saturday Playlist, I'm woefully lagging on my 5 Happy Things. Life has just gotten so much busier and interesting this week and I'm having a hard time keeping up with everything on my plate at the moment. I'm a wee bit overwhelmed. But it's all awesome stuff. There are unfortunately just only so many hours in the day!

Okay... on to my 5 Happy Things...

1) Being one of the last eight left standing in Idol. It's pretty amazing that from a field of like 350 or so filled with some *really* talented writers that I've gotten to this point. But of course, I wouldn't have if not for all of the awesome people who've supported me along the way. So THANK YOU ALL for reading and voting for me week after week after week... 36 now and counting... lol... Seriously though, thanks guys. I'm having a blast and your support means the world to me.

2) Getting to spend the weekend with the wonderful, amazing and lovely [ profile] pixie117 of course. She makes slogging through the work week bearable because I know that I'll get a couple of days of bliss out time with her. Of course, this weekend will be filled with lots and lots and lots of work but I'll be with her, so it's all good.

3) Sooper Seekrit Squirrel stuff that I can't talk about just yet... but it's awesome and I'm so incredibly freaking stoked right now.

4) Good music. Love listening to songs I haven't heard in a while and reconnecting with them. They're like old, good friends... always there when you need them, all filled with some fond memories. Like coffee, I couldn't live without music.

5) The creative engine seems to be humming along nicely. There's air bubbles in the hoses that throw a hiccup into things now and then but the massive clog that was killing the whole machine a little while ago seems to have been fully cleared and it's currently cranking. And I love it.

Okay, now on with the tunes. Here's some of what's playing in the background in my place today. Looks like I was feeling a little old school today or something...

So how about you fine folks? What music is filling your morning? What's got you thinking and/or tapping your toes? What's on your soundtrack for this Saturday?
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Good Morning Folks.

And welcome to yet another Saturday morning music session. I've spent the morning trying to tweak and polish something so I've had a lot of music going in the background. Typically, when I write, I play classical music... it's soothing and I'm not distracted by lyrics. But since this was more of a spit and shine session, I figured I'd opt for some tunes that get my toes tappin'.

Here's some of what was playing in my room this morning:

So what about you, my friends? What has you tappin' your toes and beeboppin' along this morning? What's on your Saturday morning playlist? Bonus points for clips...
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Well good morning all!

Ugh. So it was not a very restful night at all. Tossing, turning, up and down... just did not sleep for crap. And of course, the feline companion was poking at me early for his breakfast. Add to that the fact that writing did not go well last night. Like at all. Try as I might, absolutely nothing worked. Just not a great night. Hell, it wasn't even remotely anywhere near a decent night. Bleh.

But it's Saturday. A new day. A chance to start over and make of the day what you'll have it be, right? That's what they say, anyway. I'm all for that. Otherwise, I'd probably give the world the finger and go hide in a dark corner of my closet.

So... I'm going to do my best to make this a good day, dammit. I'm sick of the crap and the bad days. So let's start the day with some tunes, huh?

Here's some of the music I'm listening to this morning...

So what's your playlist this morning, folks? What has you tappin' those toes and singing along? Bonus points for video!
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Good Morning and Good Saturday, Good People! Did you all manage to survive the madness that is the 4th? Did you blow off any bodily bits? Or did you manage to survive whole and intact?

I don't know about y'all, but this was just a strange, disjointed kinda week. I never really felt like I got on track or stayed focused on anything. Then again, that seems to be the norm lately.

Words. I don't haz them. Another week with just about nothing substantial put down. This week, we have two entries for Idol due and nothing is working for me. I tried to get my piece down last night for a joint piece with [ profile] pixie117 that we'd talked about and I kid you not, I started and re-started that piece more than a dozen times last night. I'd get a few paragraphs in and it just stalled out. It just didn't work. Like at all. I'm just lucky we use computers instead of paper these days otherwise the crumpled up pile of crap by my desk would have filled my room and probably would have been responsible for the death of dozens of trees. I tried doing some freewriting and it basically amounted to a long string of profanities.

But the issue is way bigger than just Idol for me. Not having words or the ability to string together coherent sentences into anything resembling a decent story is a big, big problem for me. What I turned out for Idol last week was luck. I just hammered on the keyboard and hoped for the best. I know that my style tends to be a little sparse, dark and gritty but I think that may have been about the darkest, most violent piece I've ever written. I haven't really stepped back yet to dissect it and see what it was all about. Perhaps I'm better off not doing that come to think of it.

But the bottom line is that my head is a very noisy place lately. Like super noisy. And I find that I'm struggling mightily to turn down the volume, to ignore the babble of voices and focus on my work. Actually, struggling might not be the best word... finding it impossible lately is probably more accurate. I'm seriously stuck on a creative Sahara and need to find my way out. Pronto.

Which is a big problem. I need to find a way to quiet the crowd in my head to allow me to work or it will be a bigger problem.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do about Idol just yet... my hope is that I can focus enough to bang out the two pieces I need. After that, I really need to figure out how to turn the noise off and have a really productive week next week. It's getting more frustrating and worrisome as the days go by without any sort of movement or productivity. Ugh.

So anyway... on that cheery note...

How are you all doing? How has the Universe been treating you? Has it been kind and generous? Do your cups overfloweth? Or are they dry and dusty? Have you had a good week? A bad week? An in-between week? What were the highlights and the lowlights of your week, my friends? What is the haps with you?

As always, this here is your playground. Need to stand up and shout? Need to climb up on your soapbox and rail about something? Need to stand upon the mountaintop and scream your lungs out? Need some words of advice, encouragement or support? Need a virtual hug? Need to virtually punch somebody in the nose? Anything and everything is welcome and encouraged here. The spotlight is yours, step on up, grab the microphone and belt it out.

Once again, the Purge Bucket is open for your convenience... spew forth, my friends.

ETA: Since I didn't manage to get my Saturday Playlist post up earlier... what in the hell are you all listening to today? Bonus points for linking/embedding your musical selections in the comments!!!
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First and foremost... Let me throw a quick shout-out on behalf of [ profile] michikatinski... she's working on her first book and has been running a Kickstarter campaign to help her get this rolling. [ profile] michikatinski is a fantastic writer and an all-around wonderful person and I'm so excited to see her getting her project off the ground.

So... if you would like to back her Kickstarter project, GO HERE... read about the project itself, get to know [ profile] michikatinski and help her make her dreams a reality! The one thing is that because I didn't... ahem... check my junk, there's only like SIX hours to go until her Kickstarter deadline. So go forth prontoish!

So... Saturday morning. A nice, cool Saturday morning thankfully. There's a thick marine layer and the temps are mellow. Coffee, music, feline, screwing off online... the usual routine.

I really enjoyed seeing what was on everybody else's Saturday playlist so let's do that again... I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

Here are a few that I'm listening to this morning. It's sort of a mixed bag actually... Lots of thoughts in my head, lots of different music that go along with those thoughts, I suppose...

Those are a few on my playlist this morning! How about you guys? What's on your Saturday morning playlist? Bonus points for links/embeds!!! :-)
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I love my Saturday mornings. Though honestly, I wish they didn't typically start so early. Hello, 5 am how are you? But it's nice to not have to race around, getting ready to haul my carcass down to the office... it's nice to just get to chill out with some coffee and the feline companion purring contentedly in my lap. I typically try to get caught up on LJ, knock out a little writing, read some news and generally just relax a bit.

And of course, there is music. There is always music. What that music might be depends on my mood, I suppose. But, I figured I'd share today's Saturday playlist with you guys.

It's been a Pink Floyd morning for me. Don't know why exactly. But for whatever reason, the music was just calling out to me this morning.

Especially this one... though I can sort of figure out why this one was resonating with me:

Here's another Floyd classic:

And another:

Simply put, one of the greatest songs ever written:

Just one more and I'll spare you. This is from Roger Waters' solo tour... I love all things Floyd but I am totally partial to the Waters era of the band.

So what's on YOUR Saturday morning playlist, folks? Bonus points for video links!
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