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Hell Week, that is. Otherwise known as Week 36... also known as the week that wouldn't die!

So yeah... 6 topics, then 5 topics and now tonight 6 more topics. I've noticed that ever since Hell Week started, there has been a very distinct pattern of stages. Sort of like the stages of grief in a way.

When the eleventy-billion topics are announced, it sort of looks like this:


After the initial shock wears off and you realize how much work you have on your plate, it evolves into:


Then, as you furiously bang away at your keyboard, cursing your muse for abandoning you and watching the clock, knowing that the deadline will soon be upon you, you curse Gary and settle into a stage that looks like this:


When (if) the rage subsides and you are still furiously banging away at your keyboard, you realize that you have about 20 minutes to squeeze every last drop of creativity out of the increasingly dry sponge of your brain, you move into this territory:


And finally, when you post everything to your journal, link it to the topic thread and want nothing more than to drink ALL the alcohol and fall down, you feel a little punchy, loopy and you then find yourself rocking in the corner with a blanket over your head having a deep philosophical conversation with your cat. That stage looks sort of like this:


Then the next eleventy-billion topics are posted and the vicious cycle repeats itself all over again.

And the really funny thing? We do this to ourselves!!!!

But this crazy, out of control freakery is why I love this game so much. I am just a sick, masochistic bastard apparently.

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