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Well we're near the end of another crazy poll this week in "As the Idol Turns..."

There are currently 10 of we whackjobs left standing and when the poll closes tonight... in roughly 90 minutes from now... we will be the last 8 whackjobs left standing. 35 weeks of competition and it's getting *SO* close to the end. Yikes!

Which of course means that things get super crazy. Like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest crazy. I'm just waiting for Nurse Ratched to walk in and stick something in an uncomfortable spot. And no, not in the back seat of a Volkswagen. Bonus points if you catch both references there.

Ahem. Anyway... one of my very dear friends is possibly on the block this week. Below is our eeeeensy-weeeensy little poll. If you have but a moment, could you take a look at a great piece by the wonderful [ profile] porn_this_way who is an all around fantastic person by the way. Take a look and give her some love!

Though my sweetheart [ profile] pixie117 and I seem on the safer end of the poll (though honestly, with things jumping like they are, you never know!) But [ profile] pixie117 wrote a piece that I absolutely love this week and really hope people will take a few minutes to read her piece because it really is that awesome. Her writing is getting stronger and stronger as the weeks go by and I think she did a great job with this piece and I'm really proud of her. And I hope folks will tell her so!

Anyway... here is the poll. If you could take a second to read and maybe throw a vote down for at least, [ profile] porn_this_way I'd appreciate it!

I swear there won't be any of these voting links soon enough... I'll actually get back to *gasp* regular content! Oh dare to dream.

You can throw some votes down OVER HERE!!!

Thanks, guys. You all absolutely ROCK!

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