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So that time of the Idol season has rolled around once again... it's time to vote for our Season 8 Spirit of LJ Idol! It's a fun and exciting time indeed!

In the past, I've sat on my hands and didn't actively get out there to bang the drum for the person I thought should be nominated for honor so I wanted to do something different this season... I wanted to get out there, on record in support of the person who best exemplifies the Spirit of Idol to me. And hopefully, I can perhaps even sway some folks who might still be sitting there pondering and mulling things over.

But since this will likely only be of interest to the denizens of the Idolverse, I'll drop this under a cut to spare your peepers a bit. Ain't I kind?

It's definitely tough to pick just one person when I think there are a few folks who could rightly make a case for Spirit. But in the end, we have to make a choice, don't we? My choice for Season 8's Spirit of Idol is none other than... [ profile] pixie117

Now I know, some of you out there are like "Well duh, obviously." It would be easy to write me off as biased and not overly objective on the issue. Personally, I don't think I am but before you make that judgment, I'd ask you to at least hear me out first.

Earlier today, [ profile] kathrynrose put together a list of qualities she thinks make up the Spirit of Idol. It's a list that actually falls very closely in line with my own thinking on the subject. So hopefully she won't mind but I'm going to re-post that list here and add my commentary in support of [ profile] pixie117 for Spirit...

1. They get the bigger picture. I think a Spirit of Idol sees this as more than just a chance to "get people to read my stuff." They appreciate Idol as an 'organism,' as a community of people who come together and make something bigger than the sum of the parts.

I think most anybody taking an objective view would see that [ profile] pixie117 absolutely gets the bigger picture. For her, this isn't just a chance to get people to read her stuff. She has a deep, deep love of this community and everybody in it. She loves the people who inhabit the Idolverse and has reached out far and wide to get to know people individually... she knows and has said many times over that it's the people who make Idol great. And it's true! Idol is great as a construct but it's the people who bring it to life. She knows this as well, if not better than anybody.

2. They care about the other Idolers. They welcome, encourage, educate, share, suggest, respect, critique, and inspire other participants.

I think this one goes without saying. If you've been around Idol, you know that she's always there with an encouraging word, offering to beta or to just talk to. She's brought in more and a couple of people to play alongside us and has taken a few more under her wing, trying to help guide them through these sometimes shark-infested waters! Like I said above, she loves the people who make up Idol and is always going above and beyond to make sure people know that, to make them feel special.

3. They care about the writing. Fiction or non, poetry or prose, horror or comedy, serial or snapshot or rant -- the words and ideas and the craft of expressing them matters.

Having spent a lot of time with her and giving her feedback on her pieces, I can tell you that she absolutely cares about the writing. She agonizes over each and every word and is never content to throw out some half-hearted piece. She never mails it in and works her butt off to put out the very best entries she can. She's rarely, if ever, completely satisfied with one of her pieces and is always looking to improve her craft. She's made absolutely tremendous strides in her writing from way back in Season 6 to where she is now. And with her dedication to learning and improving, who knows where she can go? Suffice it to say, she absolutely cares about the writing.

4. They leave the space better than they find it. (If you're doing all those other things how could you not?) They reach out when they need it, but they give as much as they take. They wipe down the counters, empty the trash cans and change the lightbulbs when it's needed.

I think this has pretty much been covered by what I said above, but I think you would be really hard pressed to find anybody who said that [ profile] pixie117 doesn't make the Idolverse a better place for being in it. She's always so encouraging and caring, always reaches out to those in need. Even when she's going through the ups and downs of her own life, she is always there to give you a hug and a kind word for anybody and everybody who might need one. She absolutely has left Idol a better place for having been here. Just don't ask her to do the windows... I think she draws the line there.

So that's pretty much the crux of my case. Over the last few seasons, I've watched as [ profile] pixie117 has grown because of her interaction in the Idolverse. She's gained confidence in herself and in her writing. I thought she had a good case for Spirit last season personally but I think that case has only gotten stronger this season. She's always there for people, is devoted to making this community better and more vibrant... she's always in the Green Rooms, cutting up and chatting with people even when she's pressed for time herself. She loves writing and loves this community and the people who make it what it is. I think she might even like that hippie-kicker Gary but don't hold that against her.

Idol has been really great for her and I think she's been really great for Idol. And I mean absolutely zero disrespect to anybody else in the game eligible for Spirit because there are truly some fantastic people here... but I am standing behind [ profile] pixie117 for this season's award. I absolutely, from the bottom of my heart, think she deserves it.

So... as you go to fill out your own ballots, I hope that you'll at least think about what I've said here before casting that vote. I really hope that I've given you folks eligible to vote something to chew on.

My vote for Season 8's Spirit of LJ Idol is [ profile] pixie117 And rather than sit by and let the vote just happen, I felt like I should make a case and campaign for the person I think most deserves it.

Thanks, guys!!!

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