Mar. 24th, 2012

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Well Mellow Greetings, Fellow Citizens. What seems to be your boggle? (10 points if you can name the movie)

We've endured and made it to another Saturday, my fine, feathered friends. And how fares thee all? I suppose I should count myself lucky that I'm not posting this from a jail cell as I was *thisfreakingclose* to committing multiple homicides yesterday.

I get along with most of the people in my office building. We're a small company so we're all in relatively close proximity to one another and contact/conversation is inevitable. I can tolerate most of the mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, right-wing troglodytes fairly well most of the time. I attempt to find common ground to discuss with them... which 99.9% of the time is sports-related. That really seems to be the only real "bonding* thing we have.

But yesterday, one of them really irritated me. It's possible I was cranky anyway but hearing the sort of blatant racism and ignorance I overheard just sort of pushed me over the edge a bit. My department's office is situated at the far end of the building. Our accounting department is next door and though it's a little ways down the hallway, voices carry. Anyway, as I was sitting there working... rather, working and daydreaming about a life that doesn't involve coming into the office every day... I overhear the bean counter saying something to the controller about Obama and the Trayvon Martin case down in Florida. What I heard next sort of shocked me really.

In response to the bean counter's statement/query, I heard the controller say "Because he's a black president and he's pandering to them.

I think my jaw actually hit the desk. Because he's a black president? Pandering to them? Seriously? I vowed to just bite my tongue and not storm into their office to "educate" them. And I did just that. But a while later, the bean counter came in to my office and I just couldn't quite hold my tongue. I told him, "You know I can hear you guys, right? You know I can hear that ignorant, racist crap you two are spewing, right?"

He looked perplexed for a minute, realized what I was talking about and said, "Well Obama should have stayed out of it and shouldn't have said anything. People get killed every day but because this is a black kid, he decides to hold a press conference? It wasn't presidential for him to say anything."

I replied back with, "Yes, people are killed every, single day. But not every killing has such obvious racial implications nor does every killing capture the attention of the entire country like this has. When something like this sparks a national outrage... and the local authorities *still* haven't arrested the guy... it's very presidential for him to address it."

To which, bean counter replied, "No it's not, he's race baiting."

My jaw hit my desk for a second time. "Race baiting? You do know that the kid was black and the killer wasn't, right? You did hear the killer on the phone with the 911 dispatchers, who told Zimmerman to back off and stop pursuing the kid by the way, say loud and clear 'f**king coons', right? So how is Obama race baiting exactly?"

He just stood there looking at me and it was obvious that he knew absolutely zero facts about the case. He... and the controller for that matter... are just spouting whatever garbage Rush tells them to. It's the Republican way these days, it seems.

I told him that he needed to stop watching Fox News, start thinking and get some actual facts before spouting his ignorant crap. Or just learn to talk quieter so I can't hear him. Apparently, I irritated him because he just turned and walked out of my office. I guess I'm off his Christmas card list but whatever. I loathe ignorance as much as I do bigotry. Bleh. Idiots.

Anyway.... ahem... I suppose that's my contribution to today's Purge Bucket. In better news, Miss [ profile] pixie117 and I will be going to see The Hunger Games tomorrow morning at 1030. We figured we stood a better shot of avoiding the mass of squealing children if we went to an early showing. We went to see Insidious a while back and walked in to a theater filled with squealing, screaming and way-too-chatty kids... it got so bad that she had to try to mellow me out because I was getting so agitated and we ended up walking out and getting our money back. But we're both totally stoked to go see this movie. Can't wait!

I also managed to finish off my Idol entry early, for the second week in a row. It will be really nice to not have to stress about it over the weekend. We both managed to finish early last weekend and we had a really nice, really relaxing Sunday. We made dinner and just kicked back and watched a few episodes of Once Upon a Time... I liked the show actually. But it was nice to just be able to totally mellow out. So hopefully, we'll get to have another weekend like that because it was wonderful.

Well... I suppose I should climb down off my soapbox and start getting myself together to head on out. So the floor is yours, my friends. What's going on in your worlds, folks? What was the good, the bad and the in-between in your worlds this week? How has the Universe treated you? What have been the highlights and the lowlights for you?

You know the drill by now. Anything and everything is welcomed and encouraged here. The Purge Bucket is open for your convenience... spew forth, my friends! Have a great weekend!

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