Mar. 17th, 2012

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Well greetings once again, my fine, feathered friends! And a Happy St. Patty's Day to ya! I'd threaten to pinch everybody not wearing green but that is apparently triggering and causes some folks to lash out violently. And we wouldn't want that now would we?

It is a wet one here in normally sunny Southern California. It's a cold and damp weekend with some estimating up to 4 inches of rain over the weekend. Yeah, yeah, yeah, some of you out there are probably laughing and saying, "pppffffttttt... is that all?" But hey, when you live in a place where it's sunny and 80 degrees on Christmas day, that's pretty significant, I think! I'm thinkin' maybe it's a good night to stay in, hunker down, stay warm, play some video games and chill out. Driving in California is risky on a normal occasion. Throw a little rain into the mix and people lose their damn minds. It's never fun to drive in the rain here because people just freak the hell out. So keep a good thought for me since I'll be getting myself together and trekking on down to [ profile] pixie117's place here in a short bit!

So it's been a bit of a lazy morning with the feline and I just sippin' coffee, writing and listening to some tunes. It's been pretty productive and good. There are some things in the works that make me a happy boy. Overall, it hasn't been a horrible week and I've been pretty productive... though I need to sharpen the discipline and time-management skills a little more to increase my productivity... so I'm pretty happy for the most part. Obviously, things aren't "perfect" (not like they are for anybody) and there are still some issues weighing me down, but this has been a better week than the last few. Progress, right?

Anybody else keeping up with the NCAA tourney? How are your brackets holding up? Mine were great after the opening round, having hit on 14 of the 16 games. But it all fell to crap yesterday! Who would have guess that not one but TWO 15-seeds would knock out the 2-seeds they were playing?!?! Mizzou and Duke went down in total flames last night... and with it, my brackets fell apart and my shot at the cash went down the toilet. *sigh* They don't call it March Madness for nothin' I suppose!

So... what are your plans for St. Patty's Day? Partying 'til you puke green substances? Keeping it low-key and mellow? Stuffing your face with corned been and cabbage or opting for something else?

How has your week been, good people? How has the Universe been treating you? What have been the highlights, lowlights and in-between lights of your week? What is new and exciting or old and boring? What do you have in the works and what the hell is going on in your worlds, my friends?

Got a funny story to share? Need a few words of encouragement? Got to get something off of your chest? Need to climb up on your soapbox and shout to the heavens? This is your sandbox, anything and everything is welcome here. The floor is yours. As always, the Purge Bucket is open for your convenience.... spew forth, my friends!

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